voyage michigan

I used to sit for hours hours AND HOURS watching our home videos on VHS. It was amazing to me that I could rewatch something that previously happened, and take in all the little details I missed previously.  In high school, I applied to attend a trade school that had a great videography program. I wish I could say I signed up because I wanted to be in the class, but it was actually because the boy I had a crush on was applying. I ended up being accepted and he wasn't. After a few days in the class, I was hooked. If you want a good laugh click HERE to watch the first film I ever made back in 2008. I won a few awards from Meijer for creating Public Service Announcement videos throughout my years in the class. My senior year of high school, a company flew me out to NYC to create a film on why theatre is important for students. 

I went to college for teaching (still work in education, too!) but always wondered "what if" when it came to videography. I still made films here and there while teaching. When COVID hit, I found myself with free time I had never had before, and decided it was time to really give this thing a go. I bought a $500 camera and offered to film weddings for free. And here we are! I feel beyond blessed to be invited to spend the day with couples as they prepare for their wedding, they say their "I do's", and as they celebrate with friends. I still pinch myself with every booking. To learn more, check out my recent interview below.

I fell in love with film at an early age.